Integrated Closed-Loop-Stepperdrives from Just Motion Control

For small to medium-heavy lathes and milling machines, we offer this closed-loop stepper motor system with 2-phase hybrid stepper motors with encoder and an integrated driver that can be operated with 20-50V voltage. These drives deliver strong torques from 1 to 10 Nm, making them suitable for a wide range of positioning applications, such as in lathes, milling machines, robots, placement machines, winding machines and many more.

This is an integrated system with MOTOR, ENCODER and DRIVER in one unit.

These closed loop drives have the special feature that the position of the motor shaft is measured by an encoder and reported back to the motor driver. The driver can thus check whether the motor has executed the desired movement and adjusts during the movement. This avoids step losses and provides a high level of safety. Further advantages are a higher torque and speed and the possibility to accelerate faster.

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USB - RS232 converter HL-340
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System description

The motors of this system are 2-phase hybrid stepper motors which have an encoder with 1000 steps at the rear shaft end. The control is done by a driver, which is optimized for these 2-phase motors and is mounted directly on the motor. Cables for power supply and control signals must therefore be included for connection. The motors have built-in 1000-dash axis encoders that report the position to the driver. This enables the driver to operate the motor in a closed control loop, hence the name "closed-loop stepper motor".  
The systems are ready for operation immediately after connection, no tuning is necessary. 

These closed-loop drives have the special feature that the position of the motor shaft is measured by an encoder and reported back to the motor driver. The driver can check whether the motor has executed the desired movement and adjusts during the movement. This avoids step losses and provides a high level of safety. Further advantages are a higher torque and speed and the possibility to accelerate faster.

System components of the integrated motors

The motor system is integrated, motor, driver and encoder form one unit.
An RS-232 interface allows communication with a PC software from JMC, thus many parameters of the drive can be set.

What motor variants do we offer?

Motortyp Voltage(V) Current
Size RS232 Encoder
iHSS57-36-10-21-38 20-50 V 4 A 1,0 NEMA23 ja ja
iHSS57-36-20-21-38 20-50 V 5A 2,0 NEMA23 ja ja
iHSS60-​36-30-21-38 20-50 V 5A 3,0 NEMA24 ja ja
iHSS86-​60-45 24-80 V 6A 4,5 NEMA34 ja ja
iHSS86-​80-100 24-100 V 6A 9,5 NEMA34 ja ja

Torque values of the motors:








Advantages of closed-loop drives 

What are closed-loop stepper motors?

Closed-loop stepper motors combine the advantages of stepper and servo motor technology. They are smoother running and have lower resonance than stepper motors, offer position feedback and control, short settling and decay times, and no longer exhibit step loss.

They are an alternative to stepper motors when energy efficiency, smooth running and high load tolerance are required. Compared to servo motors, they have advantages in terms of high torque at low speeds, short settling times, correct positioning without hunting, and a lower price with often smaller size.

When are closed-loop stepper motors the optimal alternative?

  • When high torque is required at speeds up to 1000 rpm and a compact, low-cost solution is needed that does not require a gearbox.
  • When simple and fast commissioning without complex tuning is required.
  • When a low-cost drive is required as an alternative to servo motors.
  • When a load must be held in position at standstill (e.g. Z-axis of a milling machine).
  • When the typical hunting behavior of servo motors leads to tracking errors that are intolerable for the application. Servo motors overrun their position in the event of sudden load changes and must then be corrected.

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