controls and drives for CNC-, turning- and milling machines

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Inductive proximity switch 10-30 V in 2 variants - 2mm switch distance

Proximity sensors in NPN or PNP
Switch distance 2mm

16,90 EUR
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For Lathes

Cycle controls for lathes

For retrofitting, suitable for all lathes. Easy to use, and also in packages with motors, drivers and power supply.

CNC Controls

CNC Controls

CNC controls for milling machines

Hardware and software for Estlcam and Beamicon2 for the control of milling and special machines.


Controllable drives for CNC and automation

Stepper and servo motors with suitable drivers and also closed-loop stepper motors in many designs. 

Power supplies

Switching power supplies from 12 - 48V

Switching power supplies for installation or as plug-in power supply in many sizes for the power supply of your machine.

Bestseller Motors

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