ELS 4 Basic and Pro - Cycle control for lathes

Based on the experience gained with the successful ELS 3, we have redesigned the hardware from the ground up to increase operational safety and ergonomics. In addition to support for emergency stop and limit switches, outputs for cooling and spindle control are now also available. Thanks to the membrane keyboard, the front is now largely sealed and can withstand even dusty environments. The software has also been revised and now allows even simpler operation.

The ELS 4 is available in 2 versions: Basic and Pro. The Pro version is aimed at the professional user and ambitious lathe operator, with a colour graphic display it makes work easier. The Basic suits the needs of hobby lathe operators, model builders and others looking for an affordable option.
Both come in a robust aluminium case, with a printed english manual and free longtime software updates!

In addition to the lathe control, we also supply the control accessories: stepper motors, servo motors, stepperdrivers and servodrivers are available from stock, as are encoders, power supply units, cables and shaft couplings. We also advise you if you are unsure which drives are optimal for your machine. 

We rely on Leadshine products, which have proven to be solid and reliable in the past. Leadshine also supplies large closed-loop drives, allowing the electronic leadscrew control to be adapted to very large machines.
Our drives are also suitable for your CNC application.

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Our advice

Leadshine ES-D808 Hybrid Servo driver
Closed Loop Driver ES-D808 for Closed-Loop-Steppers up to  80V / 8,2A
Closed-Loop System
125,65 EUR
Incrementalencoder PIB408
Incrementalencoder PIB408-400Z with 8mm shaft
31,10 EUR


Driveset 3-Achs Closed Loop with 3x4,2A Closed-Loop Motor
RRP 796,31 EUR
Only 749,61 EUR
Driveset 3-Achs Closed Loop with 3x5A Closed-Loop Motor ES-M22430
RRP 866,49 EUR
Only 827,60 EUR
Driveset 3-Achs Closed Loop with NEMA34 Closed-Loop Motor 3.6Nm
RRP 989,61 EUR
Only 925,08 EUR
3-Phase Hybrid Servo Motor ES-MH33480 with Encoder 8,0Nm
  • 3-phase hybrid stepper motor
  • Encoder with 1000 steps per revolution
  • Standard NEMA 34 Dimensions (86x86mm)
  • High torque 8.0 Nm with small size
  • Drive shaft 14 x 40mm
RRP 242,72 EUR
Only 213,48 EUR