Advantages of Rocketronics

There are many advantages to buy from us, quality, durability and sustainability are our focus. You can get all this from us at reasonable prices:

30 days return policy

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With us you buy without risk: You can return all items for 30 days without reason. (The right to return We will refund the purchase price then, the same way as the payment was made. We are happy to help if you have a problem with an item. In our lab, we can reproduce many things and see where the problem lies, the solution is then usually found quickly. Please see our Right of Withdrawal-Page for details and exclusion rules.

So if something is not working, please ask first, maybe we can fix it quickly. Otherwise, if you are from an EU Country, pack it up and send it back, you will get your money back. 


20 years experience

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Jamming drives, bitchy controls, wrong settings? We know from experience, usually there is a solution. Contact us, we will help you!
Rocketronics exists since 1999, for over 20 years we deal with electronics, controls, CNC technology and mechanical engineering. We also know various CNC controls, Mach3, Eding, Beamicon, Estlcam, etc. and have 2 self-built CNC milling machines in operation, which we use daily. 3D printers and lathes we also have in stock, and one or the other special solution for our customers we have already realized.

You can use our experience, we are happy to advise by phone or email.  


Only original goods

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The globalization with cheaper and cheaper products from the Far East has not only advantages: Many items that are offered on the Internet at rock-bottom prices are usually of very low quality, and end up in the disposal after a short time. There are many counterfeits, which are also distributed by large retailers from the Far East. Well-known manufacturers are copied, mostly with the same product names. Examples are the million times proven stepper motor driver DM556 from Leadshine. This is available in many cheap copies with the same name. All this results in frustration: You buy nice parts for your CNC machine, are happy that everything works, and after a few weeks something is broken. Then you don't need to call China, you usually don't get a warranty there. Learned from this, you then buy the original parts, and in the end you are more money off. You buy cheap twice.

We, on the other hand, pursue a simple, sustainable strategy: Buy good once. We deliver only the original parts. This saves money in the end and is sustainable, we produce less electronic waste.
Our brands come from tested sources, are CE certified and therefore cost a few euros more than the copies, but the small surcharge is always worth it.   


Made in Germany

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Our ELS controllers are completely manufactured in Germany. Development, assembly and testing are done in-house, so we have complete control. Some parts are soldered by German service providers. Housings, circuit boards and keyboards are also made in Germany. Only the electronic components are sourced from the Far East, as there are hardly any German manufacturers left.

We could also outsource the production to the Far East, but we deliberately do not do that because we would have to send a lot of material back and forth, which is not necessary. The environmental impact of transport routes is an issue that concerns everyone, and the creation of value in our own country is something that has been outsourced too much in the past. We rely on Germany as a production location.  



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Our control systems are designed to last: Robust housings protect the electronics, which in turn are designed to function for many years. Many components are oversized to guarantee a long device life.

If something does break, we have made sure that it can be easily repaired: Housings are screwed together, and most electronic components can be replaced in our laboratory. So if something breaks, you don't have to replace the whole device. If possible, we do repairs at a very reasonable flat rate.  


Environmental protection

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Speaking of the environment: The packaging of many supplier parts is still extensively packed in plastic. We work together with the suppliers to reduce the plastic flood. For example, we have already successfully reduced the packaging of housing parts and switched to paper.

Packaging cartons and cushioning material are reused by us, and our display supplier collects used anti-static bags to reuse them. In this way, we try to reduce waste bit by bit. Our durable products contribute to the reduction of electronic waste.