Free feed speed selection

Stellen Sie die Vorschubgeschwindigkeit einfach mit dem Drehknopf ein. Keine Wechselräder mehr wechseln, kein Getriebe mehr schalten.

Threads of all kinds

Making Threads on your lathe was never so easy. Give length, cutting depth and thread pitch and off you go. Fully automatic, in 4 cutting strategies and also as tapered thread or multithread.

Tapers and radii

Radii and cones can be turned very easily with the ELS, even with cutting edge radius compensation. Internal and external machining is possible, radii convex and concave and also grooves.

English language

The controller is switchable in 2 languages, German and English.
A printed 100-page manual comes with the controller, in english of course.

For hobby and workshops

The ELS 4 Basic

Equipped with all cycles, the ELS 4 Basic is suitable for the price-conscious user who wants to use all the advantages of the ELS. Well suited for the occasional lathe operator, for small workshops with recurring tasks and ambitious hobby lathe operators who want to add new exciting functions to their lathe.

The ELS 4 Basic has a very high-quality, deeply embossed membrane keyboard with a clear pressure point and an easy-to-read matrix display.

299 €

Price Incl. VAT
251,26 € excl. VAT

For the demanding lathe operator

The ELS 4 Pro

Equipped with a large TFT colour display and keyboard, the ELS 4 Pro is very easy to operate and can also be read from a distance. In addition there are possibilities for spindle control (FU output with 0-10V), faster menu navigation, diameter display and 24V compatibility at the inputs and outputs.

The ELS 4 Pro comes in a massive 160×220 mm aluminium housing with a waterproof, high-quality, deeply embossed foil keyboard with a clear pressure point.

599 €

Price Incl. VAT
503,36 € excl. VAT

Facilitated operation

The ELS4 Pendant

Digital handwheel for extending the ELS4 Basic and ELS4 Pro controls.

The handwheel allows the ELS4 control to be operated close to the workpiece. It has a large encoder handwheel with which the axes can be moved stepwise and continuously. The axes can be zeroed or deactivated. Travel keys for fast and slow are also available, as are START and STOP keys and speed and spindle start (the latter only effective with ELS4 PRO).
The handwheel is equipped with a sturdy plastic housing, the membrane keyboard is of very high quality and robust and has strongly embossed buttons with a clear pressure point.

159 €

Price Incl. VAT
133,61 € excl. VAT

Convincing functions

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  • No PC, no drawings needed

    You do not need a PC with monitor and keyboard, the ELS works completely independently. You don’t have to create any drawings or programs, just enter the few values you need for processing and you can start working immediately.

  • Free feed speeds

    Free choice of feed rate without gear shifting or change of change gears. Just turn the knob!

  • Easy to handle

    For most cycles it is sufficient to enter only 3 values: feedrate, length and depth.

  • Compatible

    By outputting step and direction signals, the ELS is compatible with most motor/driver systems. Stepper and servo motors of any size can be easily connected.

  • DRO included

    The position of the Z and X axis is continuously logged and can be read at any time. This saves you a position display, which is already included with the ELS.

  • Printed manual

    Rare these days: A printed complete manual is included with every ELS. Alternatively, you can download the manual as a PDF file.

  • Softwareupdate without pc

    The ELS software can be easily updated with a micro SD card, so the controller can remain installed. Updates are free of charge.

  • Adaptable

    The setting menu allows the ELS to be set exactly to your needs, so it can be adapted to any lathe.

  • External, internal, face and cut-off turning

    The standard turning types are of course the main part of the cycles. External and internal turning to precisely adjustable positions, facing and cutting off are of course also possible. Thanks to the constant feed, cut-off with the ELS works much better than by hand. All cycles work with several cutting steps, which can be set very easily before starting: You just turn the knob and select the number and depth of cuts.

  • Threadcutting in all variants

    Threading becomes child’s play with the ELS. It cuts any thread fully automatically, even imperial, tapered and multi-start threads are possible. On request, the cut can also be made with flank or modified flank infeed.

  • Cones and radii without additional tools

    Inside and outside, the ELS can turn radii and cones, and the cutting edge radius is also exactly compensated. You can turn cones of any size, inner and outer radii, convex and concave, both round and elliptical, without any additional tools or adjustments. Grooves are also possible!

  • Simple and exact positioning

    Move to positions without reading lines: Simply enter the desired position and move to it with the control keys. The drives always stop at 0 and at the specified nominal position when moving manually.

You will be thrilled

The ELS turns your conventional lathe into a completely new tool that will inspire you!

Standard cycles


Internal and external turning with exact position indication and freely selectable feed rate. On request also with fast roughing and fine finishing feed.


Facing with constant chip removal guarantees mirror-like results. It can be face turned in several adjustable passes.

Butting / Grinding

Automatic grinding with running or stopped spindle allows precise results.


Cutting off is much easier with the ELS because the cut-off tool is driven very evenly into the material. This makes it easier to cut on small machines.


In gear mode, the lead screw is driven as if a gear were connected. You can rotate as before when the gear was still needed. This allows you to rotate conventionally, but freely adjust the feed rate. Left and right drive are available


Shows the angle of the chuck. Handy for angle operations as well as multistart threads.

Extended cycles


Thread cycles for internal and external threads with freely selectable pitch (in steps of 0.001 mm). Inch dimensions must be entered in mm. Also tapered threads (inside and outside), multi-start threads and thread repair.


Undercuts according to DIN 76A with selectable depth and length can be created.


A drilling cycle for drilling with a drill in the tool holder. You can select the number and depth of each infeed as well as different retraction strategies.

Taper turning

Taper turning without having to adjust the machine. Any cone dimensions can be created, also according to cone ratio if required. Inner and outer tapers are possible. Including cutting radius compensation!


Turning radii without additional tools: Both circular and elliptical radii are possible. Radii inside and outside, and then each as convex or concave shape.

The radius of the cutting edge is compensated, the result is exact.

Round Grooves

This cycle creates grooves on a shaft, circular or elliptical grooves are possible, an offset in X-direction is also possible, thus very flat grooves are possible. Practical for rope pulleys, running wheels etc.

NEW: Straight grooves

This cycle creates straight grooves on a shaft, with angled or straight flanks. Very usefull for V-Belt pulleys, for which the ELS4 has 4 standard sized stored, SPZ-APC with 2 angles each. But custom grooves of any size and angle are possible too.

Universal connections

  • Supply voltage

    The ELS 4 Basic is supplied with 12V, the ELS 4 Pro with 24V. A jack socket is available for this purpose (with the ELS 4 Pro also a terminal). The voltage input is protected against reverse polarity and fused.

  • Motoroutputs

    Two axes can be controlled, in addition the ELS supplies step/direction signals with 5V amplitude. These signals are routed out via RJ45 sockets and terminals. This means that almost any drive can be connected with step/direction signals. The ELS can be adapted to any drive via the settings.

  • Encoderinputs

    The encoder on the spindle can be connected via RJ45 socket or via removable terminals.

  • 4 digital inputs

    4 inputs for emergency stop, limit switch X, limit switches Z and Error are available. Up to 24V can be applied here. The software supports different polarities (NC or NO contacts) and has emergency stop and limit switch programs.

  • 4 Digital outputs

    4 outputs are available which can directly control relays or other loads. Each channel can output up to 24V and 300 mA. The functions are emergency stop sequences (with delay), cooling, spindle stop and spindle start (ELS 4 Pro).

  • 0-10V output for ELS 4 Pro

    The ELS 4 Pro also has an output with 0-10V voltage for controlling a frequency inverter. This allows the speed to be adjusted during cutting, e.g. during facing. The ELS 4 Pro also allows the speed adjustment and the start/stop of the spindle drive if it is operated via an inverter.

  • Groundconnector

    A 6.3mm earthing plug is available for a clean earthing of the housing.

  • SUBD socket for external control unit

    An external control unit can be connected via a SUBD connector. Either the ELS 4 control panel from Rocketronics can be used or your own, but then a connection board is necessary (in preparation).



To synchronize with spindle rotation, the ELS requires signals from an encoder set in motion by the main spindle. By coupling with the spindle, all axis movements are strictly synchronized with the spindle rotation.


A stepper or servo motor must be mounted on the leadscrew of the machine. This then rotates the leadscrew and moves the carriage of the machine. We recommend closed-loop stepper motors or hybrid servo motors.


Although the ELS can also run in 1-axis mode, we also recommend motorizing the X-axis. A simple stepper motor is sufficient, which keeps costs down. The driven X-axis gives you a significant added value, only then can the cycles run fully automatically.

We supply suitable drives and accessories!

Step and servo motor systems, encoders, power supplies, adapters and cables can also be found in our shop. There you will also find attractive complete packages with all necessary accessories.