For easy handling

The ELS Handwheel

Digital handwheel for expanding the ELS4 Basic and ELS4 Pro controllers

The hand wheel allows the ELS4 control to be operated close to the workpiece. It has a large encoder handwheel with which the axes can be moved stepwise and continuously. The axes can be zeroed or deactivated. Fast and slow jog functions are available as well as START and STOP keys, speed and spindle start (last only effective with ELS4 PRO).
The handwheel is equipped with a stable plastic housing, the membrane keyboard is of very high quality and robust and has strongly raised keys with a clear pressure point.

139 €

Price incl. 16% VAT
116,81 € without VAT

A practical tool

  • For Basic and Pro

    The handwheel connects to ELS4 Basic and Pro

  • Large encoderwheel

    The large encoder wheel allows the axes to be moved very easily. It has a light detent and a crank for fast turning.

  • Robust

    A robust housing and dust and waterproof membrane keypad make the handwheel a robust tool.

  • Manual axiscontrol

    The keys allow the machine axes to be controlled in free motion or step by step, in small or large steps.
    You can zero the axes, deactivate them, start and stop cycles.
    You can also change the number of cutting passes before starting with the encoder wheel.

  • Replaceable cable

    The cable can be replaced thanks to the SUBD connector should it ever be defective, also a change against a longer cable is very easy.

For DIY panels and handwheels

The handwheel pcb

Extension circuit board with flat cable sets for the self-construction of a handwheel.
The PCB provides a pair of wires for each button on the ELS4 (Basic or Pro), so that buttons can be connected very easily.

Additional an input for a handheld encoder is available, with which the axes of the machine can be moved very easily. With a handwheel the setup is much easier and can be done directly on the workpiece.

This set includes the printed circuit board and 3 flat cable connectors for connecting the probes.
The set is suitable for the ELS4 Basic and ELS4 Pro.
Larger of the printed circuit board: 100×45 mm

A handheld housing, an encoder and a connection cable are also required.

All “normally open” contacts are suitable as buttons
Common handheld encoders with 100 pulses/revolution are suitable as encoders.
All commercially available VGA monitor cables are suitable as connection cables.

The extension runs from software version 6 of the ELS4. There are many possibilities to adjust the behaviour of the handwheel in the settings.

A printed colored DIN A4 manual is supplied.

34,90 €

Price incl.16% VAT
29,33 € without VAT

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