About Rocketronics

Rocketronics was founded in 1999 as a family business by Louis Schreyer. As a microelectronics engineer, I design hardware and also develop the software for it. Our main focuses are


We manufacture our products in-house on our own machines, and have been doing so for over 20 years now - made in Germany.

In addition to the development and production, the testing of the products is also carried out here, and we also manufacture the prototype construction and test fixtures ourselves. We use lathes and milling machines for this, but we also use our 3D printers a lot. The self-built CNC milling machines produce many small parts, e.g. for the housings of our controllers.

Electronics Manufacturing

We manufacture our controllers on our own machines. We purchase components and printed circuit boards and then assemble the boards on our automatic machine. Afterwards, the assemblies are soldered in the reflow oven. A final visual test under the microscope reveals any defects, which can then be corrected by us. The electrical test follows and shows the basic function. The final inspection always takes place in the installed condition.

Final assembly

The final assembly, inspection, testing and packaging is also done by us, which guarantees the best quality. Special testing devices allow the testing of the controls before delivery. 


In addition to the production of controls, we also trade in the necessary components. As a dealer, we have an extensive stock of components for mechanical engineering and automation, which we offer in this store. Our suppliers are the original manufacturers, with us you buy tested branded goods. We stock motors, power amplifiers, power supplies, sensors, cables and much more.


We also advise you when it comes to choosing the right components. We have a lot of experience in the construction and operation of CNC milling machines and lathes. We can help you if you have questions, whether about the control, the selection of drives or generally about the construction of CNC mills and the conversion of lathes.

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