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Z axis not moving on first setup

Here I am - back again! As far as I know - all is wired "correctly", engine (Z axis only for now) connected to ELS3 by matching pin numbers on diagrams to functions on DM556T. I see 45V on the DC on the driver box, and the ELS display is responding - U varies when I rotate chuck by hand.

ELS & power supply and press the Slow or Fast jog buttons and the leadscrew (Z) should move. Nothing happens. I hear no "clunk" as voltage is applied to the stepper but it is not moving. There is 45 VDC showing between A + / A- and B + / B-.

Is there any other setup that needs to be ready to do a simple jog / motor run?


Later edit: Still dead in the water. After discussing it, the Zmotor output to the DM556 driver. I have the pin numbering the English ELS3 manual - which I assume to be the latest info.


Still later edit: have verified connections with oscilloscope - the rj45 adapter appears to be connected correctly to the ELS3 signals - but still no movement.

Hi, it should move when you press a jog key.
Now you know why I normally do not send it to english users 😉 No Manual, no Idea on how to get it up and running.

But we will get there!

As a first answer:
Please have look at the ELS 3 manual, not the ELS 2.

Page 18 shows the connection.

Did you use our adapters for connecting the DM556 directly via patchcable to the ELS?

Please get back to me via email, as it is much easier to find errors then. it is info @