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Where are error codes defined?

I am attempting to turn a narrow groove towards the tail-stock (+ movement of Z).  I have made several cuts by hand with a parting tool to initiate the groove.  Now I want to take a left-hand cutter and turn to the shoulder.  I'm getting an error message:  Error 1201 Z WEG TOO SHORT

Where can I find out what this means?

=Alan R.

Hi Alan,

I agree- an error table  with troubleshooting beside would be nice to have, but doing all the documentation is a a pile of work. On the other hand I am not sure if the creator of the software himself could even produce all possible errors the inexperienced user will be able to do easily. If you developed the software, certain things are logically to you and it would not even come to your mind to enter that wrong data, as your thinking is different.

But with the error itself I guess I maybe can help you:  Z WEG TOO SHORT means, that the difference between the entered start position and the end position you desire is to short.

It is stated  in the manual that the ELS only accepts chipping to negative,

So in your case the error was triggered by trying to work from the left to the right side- towards Z+

This is not allowed, corresponding to the manual the logics of the ELS only allows operation towards negative axis direction.


That is correct, only movements to negative values are accepted.