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SFM readout & extra buttons on top edge of cabinet

Greets!   As I'm learning the various capabilities of the ELS3  I have found that the button press & encoder rotate is a bit... challenging to get right. It is easy to inadvertently relax the encoder push-switch and get back into the current mode.

I have read that the available buttons are restricted by the small cabinet size.  BUT - the top edge is PRIME real-estate for some extra controls!  One has to have a hand on or very near the ELS if only to be ready for a fast "STOP" button press.  That so - the buttons to jog in fine increments could be positioned along the top edge - even room for a button for both Axis's. Who knows what other cool feature could be put on that edge?

Second idea: A Surface Meters(Feet) Per Min calculator/display.  A new menu would hold SFM - and when selected all you enter is the diameter of the work and start the machine to see what SFF/SFM is current.  Then in a deluxe version there could be some material references stored in ELS ROM - and one could also select the current material and get the suggest surface speed & RPM's.


=Alan R.

Hi, thank you for your ideas. To be honest, it is not possible to place buttons on the sides, as these are profiles which cannot take buttons.

You must also see how to built the unit, I cannot use single switches with wires, as it is too tedious to manufacture that. They all need to be on the pcb inside, which limits switches to the front.

Therefore the current hardware has some limitations, which result mostly in cost reductions needed to make the price of the ELS accaptable. To make that possible I need to use some tradoffs, which are not always the optimum desired. But if I would take al ideas and build that all into one unit, it would cost much more than now.

There will be a pro-unit in a few months, if all works out well, which will adress some of these issues, but it will cost more for sure.