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Sales in foreign countries stopped

I had to stop all sales to foreign countries as I do not have translates manuals for other countries than Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

According to the rules I need a manual in every single language of the countries I sell products to. That means that it will be impossible to sell anything to other countries unless I translate the whole manual to that language.

It is not enough to have an english manual, it must be the common language of the country, so swedish for Sweden, French for France etc.  So sad, but that excludes every country except UK/Canada/USA and Australia in the future, as I am currently not able to translate to other languages as German and English.

The EU rules do demand this, and there is now way around it.

Maybe in the future I will be able to have the manuals translated, but currently it is not possible. The english manual is still not ready yet, until it is ready the english speaking countries are not availble too.

Sorry to hear. You have a great product hope it can soon get out to the whole 🌎!


I just was not aware of that, always thought that as long as people get along with the manual everything is alright. But it is really needed, as I could face legal problems, especialy in the USA, where you get 2 million $ for itching your finger.

I currently check if it is enough to include one of those millions of unread booklets with danger! warning! death! messages in all languages you get with every printer. I recently got a computer scanner with such a book, 128 pages of rubbish in 12 languages, what a danger one faces when using a simple paper scanner, wow 🙂

On the long run I will need to have all docs translated if I want to export them, no way around that.

Or I declare to be chinese and do it like they do, just send it with a google translated unreadable manual, haha.
But then I also do not need to pay taxes, good Idea...

I am absolutely not suggesting anyone do this of course, i'm only putting it out there for information purposes, but there are many companies that specialize in freight forwarding, and I imagine a lot of them have offices in Germany, the UK and especially the USA 😉