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Need help verifying Zmotor signals


The lathe is all mechanically finished - encoder, steppers; now ready to get the ELS3 on line.  I'm making my own CAT5 cable adapters (saving a few bux) for the DM556 and am tying to verify where +PUL, -PUL.... etc are located.

I have no driver hooked up yet - want to get the signals pins correct, and the 48 VDC can be tied in last.  The encoder is plugged in to the ELS3 and is showing speed change that match (actually more accurate!) the speed readout on the lathe,

Next I'm using an oscilloscope to find the pulse, direction and enable signals so I can ensure my CAT5 breakout board pins are set up correct

By the provided diagrams in the V3 (Google converted German to English) manual Pin 6 is PUL+, Pin 3 is PUL- and from the English V2 manual I see Pin 8 is ground.  There is +5 on pins 1 & 2.

Currently I can get no pulse signals on the scope from any pins on Z-Motor when using the Slow Jog or Fast Jog buttons.  I am NOT yet tied to the DM556T - just looking at the pins on the CAT5 breakout board.  I also see no level change on DIR when jogging from + to -.

I'm wondering if the ELS3 motor outputs must be connected to the driver box in order to see a signal - perhaps without they have no load....  Just trying to be extra careful.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


=Alan R.

Hi, again, please email me, we will be faster then.

You cannot measure a pulse on the output as it is an open collector output, which pulls the wire to ground!

So you would need to put a pullup resistor to 5V to that pin and then you would see the signal on the scope.