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measuring backlash tips?

Have finally got all motors attached to my Sieg SC-4.  Now beginning setup of the ELS3.  Are there any tips/tricks on how to get an accurate reading of the Z/X backlash?

=Alan R.

Yes, it is quite easy:

You drive your Z-axis somewhere to the right and stop there, far enough to drive at least 50 mm toward the spindle..

Set the Z Axis to ZERO on the ELS.

Then set ZP to -50.00 mm

Taket a caliper and fix it somwhow to the axis.

Drive the axis by pushing the left jog key until it stops at -50.00mm. The ELS stops it at -50.00 mm!

Then measure the real way it drove, should be something less than 50.00 mm

The difference is your backlash.


The same can be done for the X-Axis, but this time you drive the axis in your direction.

Set it to zero and XP to -50.00 mm

Then jog to -50.00 and measure how far it really went.

Thanks Louis - Just what I needed.   🙂