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Hello & need help selecting parts


I have just discovered your ELS-3 leadscrew control, and am quite 

interested in it. You have made real a dream come true I've had since the 80's 

when I got my first lathe - a Sheldon 10"x36". As I learned about single-pointing threads I began a fantasy of an “Electronic Gear Box”.

Now I have a Seig C4 (LMS 3536) 9"x16" lathe that I'd been planning to

build an Arduino based leadscrew controller for... and your seems your ELS-3

has everything I’ve wanted in a leadscrew control.

I've been doing the math for this off and on for about 4 years now but 

haven't got to actually DOING it.   🙂  I've done a lot of Arduino & 

stepper work but not to this degree.  Your concept of “a step below CNC” has always been my idea of leadscrew control as being a most useful concept, especially for the hobby machinist where nearly every thing is one-off.

As a hobby machiniy’sts I don't think I'd need the Z-axis - I'm only 

interested in controlling the leadscrew for both power feed and screw 

cutting. I've gone over your shopping site and there seems to be a large 

number of options. Perhaps you can give a bit of guidance for a putting 

together a single-axis  system. 

My guess is in addition to the ELS-3, I'd need a stepper, the driver, a 

power supply, encoders, pulleys & belts & couplings. Could you give me 

an idea of what parts I should select from your shop?  Since the majority of my work is in AL, occasionally some CRS, and small diameter I wonder if I might be able to use a smaller stepper and power supply.

Also it would be  super helpful if there is an English version of the ELS-3 users manual and could the Z-axis be added at a later time?  My lathe 

has power cross-feed - don't think I'd need Z - but let me know 

if I'm missing something very cool!  

My shop can be seen at  It is getting a bit old...   🙂 

Best regards- Alan R.

Hello, thank you for your interest in the ELS.

First, you will need to power your Z-Axis, not X-Axis. The leadscrew is on the Z-axis of the machine.

You can drive the ELS only with the Z-Axis, but will then have only half of the functions, as automatic threading, taper, radii etc. will not be available. I promise you, as soon as you have the ELS on your machine working on 1 axis,  you go for 2 axes,  so at the end you spend the money. That is the reason I removed the 1-axis pack from the shop, no one wanted it.

But you can start with 1 axe, and later on switch the X-Axis on, that is no problem.

You need a

1 ELS 3
1 USB power adapter
1 48V Power source
1 Stepper driver per axis
1 driver adapter per axis
1 Stepper motor per axis
1 rotary encoder
1 differential driver for the encoder
3 90°-Patchcables
1 90° USB Cable

The complete 2-axis package is here:
(609 Euro)

A cheaper version with Lichuan drivers is here:
(548 Euro)

You can have a look at those packages and just remove a driver and motor for the x-axis if you do not want it, then you know what you need.

The english manual of the ELS 3 is not yet ready, but you will need it for setup, thet is the reason I do not have any english information on the website. I do not want to lure english customers just to say I cannot serve them.