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Further complaint on stepping X/Y with encoder knob

Have to register a bit of a complaint here:  I'm trying to step an axis by holding down X Step with the encoder knob held in.  This is a very tedious routine as it is EASY to have the encoder knob slip out of the depressed position and now you are changing menu options. It appears the reading of the encoder switch is so sensitive that the ELS easily sees it as being released.

This ability is such a valuable feature that it should be able to be done with one hand turning the encoder knob.

Holding buttons for combinations of features is NOT a suitable feature for making movements on the machine.  Somehow this feature should have an axis selected to step (a switch? X - None - Y)  with perhaps a light on to indicate being in this mode - and then one would just have to turn the rotary knob to get the desired movements.  With this scheme it would still be good to press in on encoder knob for finer steps.  But the "manual step mode" really needs to be a fixed state or not enabled.


this cannot be done with the current hardware, as it needs more switches. The next hardware will probably have that feature.