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ELS-3 Manual in English

Very excited about adding ELS-3 to my lathe. Wondering when an English version of the manual is planned. Can’t do much without that! ?

I just finished the german version, I added all the new functions which came with the latest update. Now we have 107 pages, a good part of it is already translated, but the rest needs work, I guess it takes until january as I do not have much time at the moment.

But work is in progress.

I've spent enough time reading the English ELS 2 manual and looking at ELS3 pictures that I understand at least half the menu in German. That said, I'm also really looking forward to the English translation Louis!






I used

to translate ELS 3 Manual to English and it did a pretty good job. Any text in images stays in German, but was quite readable all the same.

Worth a try if you can't wait. 🙂

@Paulmac - did try that service but it is so full of ads it is hard to use!  I tried to convert pages 45 - to 113 and the translation stopped at page 57!

Also the latest manual (included with 10.11 update) has grown to 8.4 mb and most of the document translation services say that is too big.  I had sent a suggestion to Louis that the manual could be split into two PDF's - one for setup info, and one for operation info. Have not heard back on that idea yet.

Sorry about that. I have a couple of adblockers running and don't see a single ad! Had no problem converting.

I've split my copy in 2 and upload as 2 pdf's, hope Louis doesn't mind.

If that won't work I'm happy to email copy, though I'll be away for a couple of days, so can do it when I get back.

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Thanks for the hand book files.  Will be a big help!

Indeed thank you Paul!

Paul - Here are links the the lastest 10.11 manual - translated. They are in my dropbox - you should be able t get in.

Thanks Alan, I already have it, I posted the wrong version before in my haste, but good for anyone else chasing a copy. Did you get that website working to convert it?